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PAGNONI Spring Energized Seals - Lathed Parts as FLUID and GAS SEALING Elements

PAGNONI Spring Energized Seals Lathed Parts as FLUID and GAS SEALING Elements

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Technical Specifications
CategoryLathed Parts as FLUID and GAS SEALING Elements
ModelSpring Energized Seals

The Spring energized seals are ideal for static and dynamic sealing requirements in severe working conditions.

These seals are composed by a polymer seal, usually P.T.F.E.,and by a metallic spring that force the seal lips to have a continuous effective sealing property.
The spring is produced in inox steel 301 or in  ELGILOY® to grant a high corrosion resistance in particularly aggressive environment.
The spring energized seals can be produced in many different shapes and materials depending on the work environment.
The Best way to identify the correct seal system is to contact our technical department.


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