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M.T. ZANETTI - Interlocking System for Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Fittings

Dimas Makine - Video Gallery
Innovative Industrial Washin Machine - Alcohol and Solvent Based - Cemastir Luna
Sala Linea - High Prescision CNC Flexible Transfer and Lathe
CNC Transfer Machine - 10 Stations 15 CNC Units - ZOBBIO OMFS
FPM Automatic Forging Line for Fashion Accessories
Rotative Heating Furnace for Brass Pieces
Partially Overhauled Picchi CNC Transfer Machine - Overhauled by our Italian partner ZD Zobbio
SUMITOMO 5000 Ton Hot Steel Forging Press - Maxipress
Packaging Machine with Liquid Pump for Oil, Sauces, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Honey etc.
Horizontal Packaging Machine for Food, Non Food, Metal or Plastic Products
Weighing and Packaging Machine for Floury and Granular Products
Assemblingi Pressing and Test Machine for Union Joint Parts
Robotic Grinding Machine for Coffee Machines
Automatic Forging Press for Hot Brass Pieces - 3/3
Automatic Forging Press for Hot Brass Pieces - 2/3
Automatic Forging Press for Hot Brass Pieces - 1/3
Heating Furnace with Chain Conveyor for Brass Pieces - Farm Brass NE Series
CNC Transfer Machine with Robotic Loading Unloading System - 14 Units - Zobbio OMFS
CNC Transfer Machine - Reconstructed as New - 12 Units
Robotized Grinding and Polishing Islands - Robot Service
Forging Presses for Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium - FPM GROUP
Farm Brass Heating Furnaces NE Series
Wire Rod Shotblasting Machine - Cogeim Europe - Dimas Makine
İtalya Milano MCE 2018 - 13-16 March - Hall 4 - Visit Us
CNC Transfer Machine with Brass Bar Feeding System - Zobbio - Dimas Makine
Cogeim Shotblasting Machines
Metal Sheet Cold Stamping Press 250 TON
Zobbio - OMFS - Completely Overhauled and Renewed CNC Transfer Machine
Robotics & Automation, Loading and Unloading Systems for Metal Injection and Trimming Presses
Robotic Polishing Lines
Aseembling Machine for Zip Sliders - MT Zanetti
Zobbio OMFS 13 Units Completely Overhauled CNC Transfer Machine - YOM 2016
OMFS Transfer Machine with Automatic Bar Loader - Made by ZD Zobbio
Gnutti Transfer 12 Units - Completely Overhauled
Gnutti FMOR 4/12 CNC - 2008 Transfer Machine
OMFS New Transfer Machine
Mechanical forging press frame-h Mecolpress SOV/0 100 ton
Sand Blasting Machine OMSG 850 - Used
Steel hot forging press Farina eccentric press with robot
Forging of steel scissors using a drop hammer Lasco KGK 160 tons Hot forging machinery both new and overhauled
Complete Steel Forging Line
Cold forming with automatic feeding line and knuckle joint press
FPM 400 Ton Brass Forging Press
Automatic Polishing Line with Robot
Completely Automatic Assembling Machine for the Radiator Valves
Assembling Machine for Plastic Ball Valves
Automatic Gasket and Oring Assembling and Test Machine
Automatic Gasket Asembling Machine
Automatic Oring Assembling Machine for Rods
Buffoli Transfer Machine
ZOBBIO Transfer Machine Overhauling 2
Automatic Oring Assembling Machine for Brass Body
Ball Valve Test Machine
Plastic Radiator Valve Assembling and Packaging Line
Assembling Machine for Joints
Robot Application
Automatic Assembling Machine for Joints
Assembling Machine for Ball Valves - MT Zanetti
Double Forging - Hot Brass Forging
Adige 500 Automatic Sawing Machine
Hot Brass Forging with APS - PM and AP4 Forging Tools
Plate Forming
Steel Forging - Sumitomo 5000
Rovetta FO 550 - Hot Brass Forging Press
Full Automatic Forging Lines
Smeral KZH-2 - Hammer Press
Continuos casting for producing brass alloy
Friction Screw Press - Hot Steel Forging
Rovetta SP 250 - Hot Brass Forging
Assembling, Test and Packaging Machine for Radiator Valves
M.T. ZANETTI - Automatic Machine for Assembling O-ring and Cap for Rods
MT ZANETTI - Assembling Machine for Joints (Mobile Fittings)
MT ZANETTI - Assembling Machine for Plastic Radiator Valves Including Packaging Machine
Farm Furnaces Accessories
Loading Automation for Transfer Machine - MT ZANETTI
ZOBBIO Transfer Machine Overhauling
PICCHI Ball Production Machine Overhauled by ZOBBIO - with Automatic Loading & Unloading
Farm Series NA - Gas Furnace for Aluminium
Farm Series SQ - Gas Furnace for Brass
Farm Series SO - Gas Furnace for Brass
Farm Series SM - Gas Furnace for Brass
Farm Gas Furnaces
Farm Series NO - Gas Furnace for Brass complete of Chain Feeding System
FPM Hot Forging Line - Sawing Machine - Furnace - Forging Press
Making of Motor Valves - Hot Forging
M.T. ZANETTI - Assembling Machine for Steel Press Fittings with Robot and Vision System for Automatic Loading
M.T. ZANETTI - Assembling Machine for O-rings
M.T. ZANETTI - Interlocking System for Crimping Machine for Hydraulic Fittings
Forging Press - Robotized Loading-Unloading Automation
Automatic Line for Steel Forging - Press:2500 ton
SUMITOMO 5000 ton Steel Forging Press
FPM Group Presses - Presentation 2
FPM Group Presses - Presentation 1
M.T. ZANETTI - Loading Automation for Transfer Machines
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Dimas Makine

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