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IMR FA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine (For Brass Casting)

IMR FA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine (For Brass Casting) Diecasting Machines
IMR FA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine (For Brass Casting) Diecasting Machines
IMR FA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine (For Brass Casting) Diecasting Machines

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Technical Specifications
CategoryDiecasting Machines
ModelFA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine (For Brass Casting)

It is a machine designed to form sand cores using the “Hot Box” method. It is possible to convert the machine to the “Cold Box” and “Shell” method when requested.

The machine movements are hydraulically driven, so the machine has an extremely high core box closing force. It has a capacity of 5 litres, so it can form medium/large cores or small cores with multiple cavities in the core box.

The machine process is managed by a PLC control unit provided with a graphic display. The machine slides the arm assembly towards the operator to facilitate the installation of core boxes. The core boxes are heated by electrical elements, the temperature is controlled by two independent thermocouples with regulators. The machine can also be supplied with an automatic sand feeding system.


General features


• Heavy steel structure

• Chrome plated rounded protective slides, bronze sliding bushings

• Automatic unloading onto the rubber conveyor belt by reversing the core box with the hydraulic system

• Electric heating (13.5 + 13.5 kW) with independent temperature control for each half-core box

• Water cooled blowing head

• Head plate with micrometric regulation

• Vibrator on the cylinder of the blowing head

• Electrical power and control panel

• Dropping table moving on slides

• Programmable Logic Control (PLC SIEMENS S7)

• Metal core with automatic drawer thermoregulation for the bottom

• Static limit switches

• Hydraulic valves and cylinders Output Example


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